Activity Tracking

We have developed activity tracking devices backed with data managing digital solutions that help motivate a healthy lifestyle and inform users of how their vitals will be responding whilst they excersise. Data collected from activity tracking can be analysed to inform users of their health status and provide corrective action where necessary.

Integrated Reward System

Through our digital health and wellness solution, we have found ways to incentivize client engagement in wellness activities by adoptions of an integrated reward system. The reward system allows the system users to earn points that can be redeemed for real products and services listed by our solution partners. Redeemeable products vary from fitness gear, groceries, to holiday trips and other accessories.
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Virtual Wellness Communities

Social distancing, restricted grou gatherings and other restrictions thatt have come about beacause of the COVID pandaemic have left the highly active fitness fanatics wanting on how they can engage with others. Inorder to resolve this, we have developed a health and wellness solution that enables users to engage into wellness groups virtually where they can share their experiences with fellow application users.

Health and Wellness Education

Our health and wellness solution and programs offer health education that enables users to be more informed about attitudes, skills, and experiences needed for healthy eating and physical activity.
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