According research, smartphone penetration in Africa is expected to increase from 44% to 65% by the year 2025. From this projected increase an estimated 18% growth in 4G usage within the same time frame is also expected to take place. Our focus is committed to building cutting-edge technology and offering uniquely designed dynamic mobile devices to create a more connected life experiences through a merging of innovation and technology. Driven by a spirit of utilising localised creativity to offer devices that answer the African needs, our mobile devices range from entry-level smartphones to premium branded smartphones.

Feature Phones

Because we understand the connectivity challenges brought by affordability issues with regards to mobile device acquisition in Africa, we have made it our commitment to offer high quality, robust and affordable feature phones. Research has it that 17% of the sub-Saharan African countries surveyed do not own a mobile phone although they may access to one. Our role in the regional community is then to cater for this population through partnerships with mobile network operators so as to increase not only Sim Card Penetration but also Mobile device penetration.
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Computing Devices

Astro Technology Africa designs intuitive computing products with the aim to inspire a lifestyle that represents trend-setting and intelligent experiences. Because of the recent global pandaemic, owning a computing device has become one of the most important tools to possess either for school or work.As such our role is to increase access to computing devices by offering perfomance driven and affordable computing devices to enhance digital inclusion in Africa.


Recent trends in personal health and wellness have seen motivation towards personal wellness rise exponetially. Largely to attribute to this is the rise of NCD's and the prevailant pandaemic. People are now becoming more conscious of their health and as such seek to gather and analyze the data to produce more useful information that is useful in enhancing their health status. Astro Technology Africa has seen an opprtunity to offer health and wellness wearables that track activity data, monitor vital organ activity and output this data for further processing.
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